Saturday, March 2, 2013

Open House 2013

      As an art teacher Open House is one of the busiest, stressful, amazing, inspiring and affirming days of the year.  We invite all parents to come and see what their children have been doing so far in the school year, they also have a chance to visit the library, art, music, P.E., our parent resource center and the computer lab to fill out a survey.
     As the time for Open House approaches everyone is busy decorating and preparing their rooms and the art room is no exception!  Having student artwork on display is a big thing, the kids who walk by point, smiling and explaining to their families that they've done this project or that this particular artwork is their own.

     Every year I try to do a fun activity with those who venture into my room, whether it be making a small drawing or writing words of affirmation for everyone to see.  This can be a little bit of a challenge because my room is fairly small so this year I tried to keep the flow going by setting up a gallery walk with questions.

     I had sign in sheets set up at the first two tables and then around the room I set 5 pieces of artwork on easels with pencils and sticky notes. Each artwork had a question attached to it that the parent and student could answer together, write it down and stick it on the print.  The activity is student led and easy to follow therefore I didn't have to constantly hover, allowing me to greet parents and speak to them about their children without worrying if anyone knows what to do.



     After doing Open House for four years now I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. :)

Have any questions about the activity or other things? Leave a comment!

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