Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How do you grade in the art room?

I'm trying to help my students be more aware of the grading process in art.  Sometimes I get the feeling they think its just a place to come in and play around without learning or being held accountable for the work they do. I've had a rubric for a while based on what I saw in another teachers room, but I vamped it up a bit and made it poster size to hang in my room for the kids to see.

It's so colorful!

The pink arrow is detached.

Previously there were only three faces, I added that last one with hearts to show that they can always do better than their best. The pictures are a great visual that can help kids see what it should look like.

The four main areas they are graded on.

A type of self assessment.
This anchor chart is going to be laminated in the morning, then I'll attach some magnets to the back of it and the "Check my effort" mark so I can move it around and so can the kids. 

Do you have a great way to assess your students? Share it please!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Mayhem Monday: New Year, New Room

School has been completely and utterly insane the first two weeks and heading into the third there is a lot to catch up on!

This summer my school had the wonderful blessing to have some reconstruction done! YAY!!! So in all the end of the year preparations and final assignments I was also packing away my classroom little by little in about a billion boxes! (Okay not that many but fairly close.)

This is my room at the end of the summer, most of the cabinets are empty and there are boxes everywhere.

This is just some of what I brought home with me, just incase we didn't get into the school until the day before classes begin, worse case scenario.

NEW ROOM! Four days before school starts and I don't know where anything is!

Where do I put everything?

My parents and adopted little brother helping me out!

They actually made my room bigger! What a blessing!

New projector!
So while I might still be unloading boxes I am still very thankful to have a much larger room, with a ton of storage space!  I am still unpacking boxes as the days go on, but its starting to come together. Here is a little bit of what the room looks like now!

Our art standards K-5 here in Texas (TEKS) color coded and on easy flip chart so I don't have to constantly rewrite them on the board.

These Ninja Turtles will help us learn about artists this year!

Dot-licious calendar!

Folders for organizing work, labeled by grade and color squad.

Table labels that match...

Sink labels!
I also took this opportunity of a new environment for the kids to start calling this room the ART STUDIO. Using new vocabulary is fun! :) Okay I can't type anymore time to get busy with other things! Oh the life of an art teacher!