Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Mayhem: Mini Da Vinci's present: ART AFTER HOURS!

My Mini Da Vinci art club came up with the idea to do a school wide event for art only! They came up with the stations, gathered materials, made signs, and prepared to teach. Yes I said it! TEACH! Every station was completely run by students with a few teachers walking around monitoring the crowd.  Many students and their families came as well as teachers, they were all very impressed by the effort and hard work put in by the Mini Da Vinci's! I was beaming the whole night!

I asked the kids to make a banner, didn't give them any guidelines...this is what they made! WOW!

1. Weaving (God's Eye)
2. Fashion Star
3. Face Painting(one of my Mini Da Vinci's parent volunteered to do this! We have an amazing parent volunteer center who helped with everything!)
4. Graffiti Wall
5. Puppets
6. Photo Booth
7. Sign In/Punch Card Pick Up(This was my job, as well as spreading the word through a letter sent home.)

Non-Stations: 2 Paparazzi & 1 Camera Man, I trained two students to use a DSLR camera to capture the event which are still being processed! And I had one student use an iPad to interview people at the event.

Here are some images from the big day that I took with just my iphone:

This is from our Fashion Star Station!
The "graffiti" wall, which the Mini Da Vinci's gave people permission to
write their name in a creative way. Nothing illegal here folks!
An awesome tag!
Our principal getting in on some "graffiti" action after the event.
Our principal is awesome!

Here are some more great photos from a one of my lovely friends Leiza! She has given me permission to post these photos of her cute daughters as they are having fun at Art After Hours!

We LOVE our mustaches at Art After Hours!
I mustache you to stop being so cute!
This sweetie is about to go after the graffiti wall!
This was the first time in my 5 years of teaching that I'd ever done an art event at my school! It was so fun and I learned a lot from the experience about preparing, managing, asking for help and getting the job done. I can't wait to see what next year will bring with a new group of students and fresh creative eyes!

Have you ever held an art event at your school? What did you like about it? What would you do differently?

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