Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Frenzy: Busy Busy & a Guest Blogger!

The end of the year is always a busy time for me, but this year it is especially busy!  Here are my end of the year goals:

1. Make sure the students take all of their work home.
2. Purge: get rid of the supplies that are useless to me and also organize paperwork.
3. Start planning for next year.
4. Work on proposals for TAEA.(Yes! I am going to try and present at a conference this next year! AAA!)
5. Sign up for the Art of Education Summer Conference!

This year things are a little complicated because on June 10th I'll be leaving for AFRICA!!! I am so blessed with an amazing opportunity to go with my best friend to visit her family there, we are going to be gone for about a month and a half! Eeep! I am excited and can't wait to see what amazing art they have there! I am not sure how often I'll be able to post, but I will try my best to schedule some while I'm gone.

Speaking of being in Africa, yesterday I took some time to go to the doctor to get some information on immunizations since I'll be out of the country and I had to get a shot (the first of THREE eeep!) and my arm is so sore! But while I was gone our lovely nurse stepped up to help with my Mini Da Vinci's after school, she is such a blessing! This morning I walked in to find this tollbooth freshly painted, my kids are working so hard on their play!

Mrs. Conway was so kind to help out so this morning I asked if she could write a little bit about her experience in my room after school to share.
What an experience subbing for the art teacher during her after school art club, the young Mini Da Vincis! First of all wearing a white jacket was probably not the best decision when students are paint with red and white paint and some of the paint is winding up on the tables AND chairs. Fortunately, there was an apron there which I borrowed to protect my clothing. At one point, a student did point out that I had a streak of red paint on the side of my neck and as we were all leaving, another student commented that I had a spot of white paint on the back of my pants! I won't mention the spilled paint on the floor.
The students were painting scenerey for an upcoming play. Two large pieces of cardboard were being painted with alternating red and white diagonal stripes. Not too difficulut and the students worked out a system of one student painting a white stripe and then another student adding the red stripe. Great teamwork! The challengeing part was that after each stripe was finished, they seemed to think that perhaps a different paint brush would work better. So...many brushes were pulled out and tried, sponge brushes, bristle brushes, narrow brushes and wide brushes. MANY brushes covered with red and white paint. MANY brushes to clean. I will say that when it was time to clean up, they all pitched in and did a wonderful job. Chairs, tables parts of the floor and ALL those brushes!
Overall I had a wonderful time!
-Mrs. Conway

Here is Mrs. Conway in her natural environment! We love our nurse!

Have you ever had to ask a teacher sub for you? How did they enjoy their experience?


  1. Yay for presenting at TAEA, I am presenting at our North Carolina Art Ed conference in Oct and boy am I nervous! Africa is going to be amazing, but those shot sound less then fun!

    1. Lauren I am super nervous about even applying to present! I have seen so many great sessions I sometimes think do I really have anything new to offer? The shots were definitely my least favorite part of this journey! I'm sure though it will be worth the trouble!