Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Fun: TPSP Kingergarten Do Your Part for Art

TPSP...What a mouth full! This stands for Texas Performance Standards Project, which according to our district website is:
"A statewide standards and assessement system you can use to capture the high levels of achievement of gifted/talented students. The goal of the TPSP is for students to create work that reflects the professional quality that the Texas State Plan for the Education of G/T Students requires."
I have to tell you when Kinder teachers began this program two years ago I was so excited! In their classrooms they teach about a few selected artists: Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, George Seurat and Andy Warhol. The students learn about their lives, the style and technique of their art.  Then they get to try their hand at making some themselves! The teachers always come up to me during this time and tell me how much they admire my being an art teacher ALL the time and I can't help but tell them that I am so excited that they're able to bring art into the core curriculum! All around it is a win win situation!

What a great way to use the space you have to display artwork!
One of my Kinder students with his artwork! It's the Jackson Pollock
inspired one at the top on black matted paper.
(Permission to post his picture given by Mom!)

I had a great time seeing all the work and the parents were so excited, having the kids explain to them each piece of art, why they made it and the artist that inspired it! What a wonderful night! I really love our Kinder team, they're amazing!!

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  1. Que bueno socializar los trabajos de los alumnos!!! saludos Ana