Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday Mayhem: Displaying Artwork

When I was a student teacher, my mentor Mrs. Wren was doing some amazing things with hallway displays for her students artwork. I believe a first grade class had just created some penguin projects and we painted a large glacier to hang on the wall for our penguins to chill out on. I really learned a lot from observing her and the expectations for hanging and decorating hall ways for the art teacher.

I also noticed that a lot of people would glance at the artwork and walk by making comments like "That looks nice." or "How pretty!" And it kind of made me think that because as art educators we are essentially "on our own" when it comes to teaching that not everyone knows the benefits of art or understand the importance of what we teach.

That being said, I decided that whenever I hang artwork that:
A. It needs to be displayed nicely and like a curated show.
B. Needs a description and a prompt for thought or action
I also try to challenge the reader to go out and make art themselves!
I had a teacher actually come and talk to me about the folkloric dancers that had no faces, she was very interested and said she loved the art as well!


I would hang this with artwork displayed, which I did not take a picture of unfortunately! Also I left off the standards here, its usually at the bottom of our description.
Information next to the artwork hanging.
Last year I had a wire strung horizontally in the tile wall. Since we got new walls I'm now using scotch tape, which sometimes takes forever, but it looks nice.
I also have a bulletin board all to myself! There I hand artwork from students and this year I started doing an artist of the month with cross curricular activities if the teachers wanted to use them. The best part about all of the activities and information was that it was located on the back of the print, all I had to do was type them up and display them.

From right before Christmas 2013.

Art Stars!

How do you display artwork around your school?

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