Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Mayhem: How I relax during the End of the Year Scramble.

The end of the year is a whirlwind for me, like for most of you art teachers out there I'm sure! I sometimes don't realize that I won't see a class again until it's too late and I have to hunt the students down to return artwork. Field day, field trips, play performances, awards ceremonies, and a number of other things get in the way the last few weeks of school. Not to mention all of the paperwork, deadlines, textbook inventory(YES, I have textbooks. Crazy, right?) and grades that need to be put in before the last bell rings.

Add that with the fact that I am doing a photo shoot for some sweet sixteen pictures this weekend, taking down the classroom and trying to prepare for Africa (18 DAYS! EEP!) I might just be feeling a tad overwhelmed here. Okay maybe a lot overwhelmed!  SOOO MANY THINGS TO DO! Then also yesterday some lovely people from the district came into my room to see if there would be a way to get the kiln into my room with a proper ventilation system. Which if they put it where they mentioned I'll have to move and box a lot of stuff from that space, just another thing to add to the list!

So to relax and take a breath I've been doing some collage work. I love how it doesn't take much thought process to cut up magazines and pictures and put things down on paper.

I just got this fresh sketchbook from Half Price books. I keep this cute bag in my purse with a pair of small scissors, double sided tape, washi tape, pens and other odds and ends, whatever it takes to keep me creative really!

This will definitely be traveling with me to Africa. I won't be posting as often, but I'll have a few scheduled updates for the summer one coming up will be about iPad apps that I use in the classroom so keep a lookout!

How do you cope with the end of the school year?


  1. I love the idea of taking a moment with all the end of the year craziness and collaging! My students are all scrambling to finish their projects and I am scrambling to get grades in!

    1. I am also scrambling, trying to get everything put away and cleaned out for next year! We had to have grades in last week so I feel like that helped me not be as stressed, but it's still crazy!