Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday Think Tank: Confessions of an art Pack Rat

My first year of teaching I had less than a week to normalize myself with my new classroom and create lesson plans for the first weeks of school. I didn't have any idea what materials there were in the deep recesses of the cabinets.

At the end of last year EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERYTHING, in my room had to be boxed up and packed away for our schools reconstruction. I didn't have anytime to "cleanse" my room of supplies that weren't usable. I may be an art teacher, but I definitely can't stand having things junking up my room.

This year I had a little help! Some of my former students came to help me organize and clean out my room before the summer break and I am so thankful! I know it seems to go against everything I stand for as an art teacher, but I had had enough! There were supplies, like a box of peanuts, that I have had for years and never used. I'm sure I could have found something to make with them, but sometimes I just have to say no to myself and let it go, let it gooooooo! Yes, yes I did!

I also enjoyed having my little helper because she found a lot of fabric and helped me get it all in one place! It's given me an idea for an assignment next year. Seriously? I am already getting excited about NEXT year and this one just ended!

Look at all that fabric! I also found THREE blenders!

I'm sure I can't be alone when it comes to finding supplies you didn't know you had! I found three blenders, plus a hand held mixer and some extra plastic sewing needles in a box that came from who knows where. I love finding new things in my room, it's like shopping without spending money!

Not to mention now I had less things to pack away and clear for the summer. Here is what my classroom looks like when I leave for summer vacation:

My ninja turtles are guarding my technology for the summer!

Do you EVER throw anything away? Give it away? What does your classroom look like at the end of the year?

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  1. It's hard to throw things away isn't it? I have teachers bringing me lids, cupcake containers, baby food jars, dictionaries, you name it, because I think of a project and send an email and get ten zillion replies back. Needless to say my classroom needed some major organization!