Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Slow Down: The Art of Education Conference

This summer I'm not just relaxing next to the ocean on a beach in Africa...okay yes I am technically doing some wonderful de-stressing right now, but I am also thinking about continuing education because we teachers are life long learners. They have great for classroom management, organization, lesson plan, anything you can think of really!

The Art of Education is a great website which holds so much information for the Art Educator! Each year they hold an online conference which I will be "attending" for the first time this summer! The great thing about this conference is that even though I will not be able to watch the live streaming as I will be away, I will have accessibility to each recorded session after the conference, so I can watch at my own pace when I get back!

What do you do to keep yourself up to date and learning new things for your students? Conferences? Book studies? Pinterest? Let me know!

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