Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Transition: New Studio in Middle School

Hello wonderful art teachers from far and wide! I am safe and back from Africa, although I am having a hard time adjusting to summer being over! School starts in just 12 days, 12 DAYS! And I am all sorts of busy right now! My first order of business after returning from Africa was to get into my OLD elementary classroom and get my things over to my NEW middle school studio!

Good bye my old classroom! I loved sharing art for 5 years with you!
Hello new room! I hope we'll have many great memories this year!
My Mom & Dad helping me move in! Plus the ton of artwork leftover from last year.

Now this place is still a work in progress, seeing as I've only been in here for about two days because of district training. I think it is coming along quite nicely.

I have WINDOWS! And a lovely piece of art by Jonathan Davis, check out his work here.
This piece is actually VERY big and VERY heavy!
Desks in place and a bulletin board(word wall perhaps?) almost ready!
Shelf above one of the sinks!
Books above the other sink!
My door! Used fun scotch tape for a neat design.
The school I am at is called a NET ZERO school. That means we produce our own electricity with wind turbines and also that we are conscious of recycling and keeping our waste to a bare minimum. That also means that I cannot use nails or staples in the walls, so I will have to get creative when I display artwork and posters this year. Which also challenged me to find a nice way to decorate my door without stapling a full sheet of butcher paper on it! I was inspired by this: follow me to Pinterest!

My desk...still a complete mess. *sigh*

I've still got a little more work to do...okay A LOT more work to do, but I know when it's done I'll feel right at home!

Say hello to mARTie
the ART
I had some Mini Da Vinci helpers today! The named mARTie for me.

When moving into a new room, what is one thing you MUST have ready before the school year starts? (besides your lessons!) What makes your room feel like home?


  1. I had to switch rooms less than a six weeks into my first year. I still feel like I am getting used to it all. Good luck Alex!! You will do great in middle school and this school sounds so cool and modern.

    1. Thanks so much! I really am loving the atmosphere so far and I can't wait till school starts! So many amazing things are about to begin!