Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday Think Tank: Self Portraits

I am so excited to be teaching middle school this year, but it does take some time getting used to how long we work on projects because the students are so detailed! For our first project I wanted to assess where the kids were as far as technique and their thought process so we did a side profile portrait silhouette using contour lines and then filling in the spaces with images, symbols and words that make up who they are. I was inspired by this which I found on pinterest. We discussed variety in lines, and trying to create unity within our designs.

After they trace with sharpie and erase the pencil lines, they were asked to open up their sketchbook and complete the sentences: I am...I can...I will... and fill the entire page. In the negative space surrounding their portrait they will write this declaration or anthem of who they are.  Here are some pieces in progress and my (almost)finished example.

This student wanted to add color for her declaration!

I didn't specify how the words had to be written. So this student is writing small.

Loving the vocabulary coming from my kids, I read one today that said "I am confident!" 

This student divided her head like a comic!
My own self portrait.

What project do you start with at the beginning of the year? Share a link below and I'll feature you in my next blog!

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