Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Fun: The Mystery of the Missing Mural!

Last Friday our school held a fall festival for our community! My little hallway section had the theme of Edgar Allen Poe since the ELAR teacher across from us has been studying his work with her classes. Since I have a pretty awesome space for a Photo Booth a few students and I created a backdrop using butcher paper and paint!

This thing was HUGE!

Lots of people stopped by to take their picture!

We had some students also make mustache props and a few other things to hold while taking their picture. We even had a top hat too! Everyone had a great time and I enjoyed seeing parents of students I hadn't met.

You might have seen this on our instagram!

My neighbor across the hall, Mrs. Shive, helped out by taking down names and email addresses in a spreadsheet so we can send photos to those who participated. Afterward I went home and had a lovely weekend, excited to get back to school on Monday only to discover that our mural was gone! Dun, dun, dunnnnn!

I spoke to our head custodian, and emailed has vanished completely! At first I was a little upset. When art goes missing, even if it was something simple like this, its a little hurtful. But I'm being positive and turning it around thinking "Well I'll take it as a compliment that whoever took it thought it was great!" I even thought about making a sign that says "Have you seen this mural?" Just thinking about it makes me laugh now.

Have you ever had artwork or displays mysteriously disappear? Did you ever solve the mystery? Let me know below!

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