Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursday Think Tank: Color Collaboration Installation

Right now my classes are diving into learning about COLOR! Which happens to be one of my favorite elements of art! On a spur of the moment kind of thought I thought it would be interesting to do an installation in a nearby display case that the art studio shares with another classroom since it has been empty(and growing cobwebs, ew!) for the first six weeks of school.

Here was the plan: Have each class responsible for bringing an object of a certain color to class. Then display them in the case in the correct color order (Roy G. Biv anyone?) so create a Color Collaboration Installation!

Each class was responsible to bring a certain colored object!

Collection day!

Our little display case in the back of the school!

Our installation title and information for others observing the work,
plus a little history lesson about Picasso!
 Look familiar? I used this also for a project I did in elementary, but since I'm in a new school with new kids and it still applies to the lesson at hand...I used it! I love recycling!

Trying to get others to think about what they see!
As I was setting up the display I had a teacher that was walking out the door comment on how this was a great display! And other teachers have also said they loved the idea of all those different colored objects creating a rainbow! I am so thankful to have people who enjoy art and especially color!

What types of displays have you put up this year? Care to share? Link it below or send me a pin on pinterest!

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