Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday Mayhem: Graffiti

The last few weeks we've been having discussions about graffiti in our classroom and how artists can legally create beautiful works of art for communities. We've also been learning about specific graffiti vocabulary like TAG, THROW UP, PIECE, BURNER and PRODUCTION. This video here by KQED Arts is a great informational video to show the class if you're interested! It's called KNOW YOUR GRAFFITI VOCAB.  We also talked about Keith Haring and Banksy, and we definitely discussed the issue of illegal vs. legal graffiti.

My students we tasked to create a "Tag" with their name or nickname and here are some images to show you what they came up with!

Using colored pencils to blend two or more colors together!

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These Keith Haring inspired collages were so easy to make the kids did a great job!

Do you teach graffiti to your students? What resources do you use and do you have any discussion techniques to share? Let me know below with a comment!

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