Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday Think Tank: Instagram Art Connection

In Studio 139 we have an Instagram account which you can visit by clicking the link in the bar at the top of this page. I always visit other accounts when they like or follow our images to see what other art teachers and artists are doing and was happy to stumble upon this account for @erikrva who I will refer to as the Sticky Note King.

+ErikRva creates these awesome #stickyheadz as he calls them and after seeing another middle school post about his work, I just had to jump on the bandwagon!  This was a great activity for the students especially right before our Thanksgiving break.

Think about this: Artists get recognized for thinking outside the box,
doing something no one else does and doing it well.

I whipped up a quick power point slide and put a little bit of information about his work there and then we set to work ourselves. Here are some of the most outstanding creations!

This student drew the likeness of +ErikRva 

This was a really fun and quick activity, I still have kids asking me if we're going to do it again!  Not only that the Sticky Note King himself gave us a repost on his own Instagram and Facebook page! I'm so excited for my kids getting to connect with a cool artist! For more information check out his webpage HERE.

Have you made connections with artists via twitter, instagram, or email? How did your students get connected through technology? Tell me all about it or share a link!

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