Monday, December 22, 2014

Winter Freeze: Graffiti Group Productions

Winter Freeze! I'm taking a break from posting twice a week since I'm heading back to Malawi, Africa for the next two weeks! In fact as this is posted I'll have already been there for three days! (I just love how I can blog ahead of time and schedule the post to happen, don't you?)

Anywho, as you know from the past few posts I've made my classes were studying the art of graffiti. In our studies we've found that when a group of graffiti artists come together and collaborate the final work of art is called a PRODUCTION. 

To connect to our campus goals I used our slogan for PRIDE (added the Dream part for the last table) and had the kids brainstorm with their group, search definitions to gain a deeper understanding of the words and also create a bubble map to brainstorm ideas for images and symbols that can relate to their topic.

The slide I used to introduce the project and the corresponding words for each group.

Example from my DREAM TEAM!

Loved this encouragement production, look at those dripping graffiti hands!

Determination is a dragon in disguise!

My Vice Principal came in to do my formal observation during this lesson and in his notes mentioned that he loved the connection to the campus goals for our students. I am beaming! If feels so nice to be recognized for the work that I put in as an educator!

Speaking of campus goals, how do you connect your art studio goals with the goals of your school?

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  1. such a fabulose find of art and the color makes it more attractive with the colaboration of graffiti group of production in an interesting way .