Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Fun: Art Show & Augmented Reality!

This year being at a school that is technology driven I thought to myself that I'd love to have a technology aspect in this years art show. That being said I used the app Aurasma to get the viewers interacting with the art! Aurasma uses augmented reality and is a great tool to connect videos with images!  I had some students film a video as they spoke about their art. I even asked our theater arts teacher for some help in filming a few excerpts from the book Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes.

The great thing about technology is...that sometimes it doesn't always go as planned and sometimes you need some expert help! Our very special Tech Lady Mrs. Sims really helped me out with the Aurasma app, in fact I had to go to the show early to double check that everything was in working order and come to find it WASN'T! So at the last minute I had to figure out what was wrong and fix it, all in time for the first of my students to arrive! Whew! What a relief that I listened to her expert advice!

Whoops! Step 1.5 Follow the channel Art Show 2015!

Having been there early a new station asked to interview myself and one of my students! You can find that video here: IRVING ISD MIDDLE SCHOOL ART SHOW.

The middle school set up is a little different than the elementary, everything must be matted with a border and so I had to cut a lot of paper. Until the day before the show I was calling in kids after school to finish their work! All in all I had a great time setting up and a great time seeing all the students with their families!

The beginning of my set up for our work!

The mess of trying to organize the wall!
Almost finished!
Close ups of the wall from left to right!

Book covers!

Paper Cranes!
Trying out the Aurasma app!

Fellow teachers supporting the arts!
So proud of my artists!
My goal for next year is to have a process video for as many artworks as I possible! I can dream right? A few of my fellow teachers came to celebrate including our Principal and one of our Vice Principals! We had over 300 people come to the middle school art show, which is the largest turnout ever! Can't wait to see how next year will turn out!

Do you have a district wide art show? If you do share your tips to staying organized! If you don't, how do you share your students creativity?

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