Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Mayhem: New Year Inspiration!

Today I didn't have to be at work, tomorrow we officially report back for professional development, but I came in because I needed some inspiration to jump start me for the year.

I've been in my room a few times before now, but I was feeling very...blah. I had no idea what kind of theme or color scheme I was going to use this year and it was bothering me a lot. So I sat for a while today and then started looking through some of my pinterest finds for bulletin boards and found this wonderful gem of wisdom.

Last year I had one advanced art class. This year I will have two sections of advanced art. I am ecstatic! I really would love for my artists to learn that trying and failure is not failure, but progress and a learning experience. So I really want them to have a hand in their learning by thinking about world issues and figuring out what they think, what they want others to know and then applying that concept with the techniques and tools we have available in the studio. I am hoping that these quotes will help them go to the next level with their artwork.

So my theme this year? Black and White with a side of Packing Paper Brown, that way my students can fill the room with their colorful and thoughtful work!

What do you do to jump start your inspiration for a new year? Do you change themes or have the same one each year? Share and get featured on my blog!

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