Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday Think Tank: Famous Artist Sculpture Project

Ten points to those who can guess who this work in progress is!
I've done a project like this before with my 5th graders a few years ago(you can find that HERE), but this time around we took an in depth look at some famous artists and created larger sculptures! I pulled some names of artists that I already had some knowledge about and some that I had heard of, but hadn't really studied myself.  Then we took ourselves down to the library and did some research with the assistance of our awesome Librarian, check him out here: @NetZeroLibrary.

We also discussed the lack of learning tools and toys that children have that are geared toward art and art history. After viewing this new commercial from Barbie and talking about how important it is for children to be allowed to also dream about becoming artists we began working on our sculptures. The process was simple enough, start with some straws and wire for the basic "bone" structure, use newspaper and tape to create the form or "muscles" and most if not all of one of my classes decided to bring clay for the facial features so they would look more realistic. 

I am so proud of what they have done!

If you guessed Friday were right!

A few of my students are submitting these for iCreate, a district wide campaign and I can't wait to see if they land in the showcase!

What are some different ways you incorporate art history into your curriculum?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Mayhem: Art Teachers Holiday

The Today is a student/teacher holiday for us, however I am here up at school working on getting some clay fired. I wonder how many hours I have put in over the years, spending time up at school outside of the typical school hours. I think that is one thing that sets most teachers apart, its our willingness to put forth more effect and extend more energy than what is "required" of us. Today I worked on setting up two still life displays for the next two weeks. I also loaded the kiln for a firing so my students will stop asking me when the clay will be ready for painting. So many more things to do, but they will have to wait.

What do you typically end up doing on your holidays?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday Think Tank: Red ribbon Week

This was a while ago, but I had to share! My advisory class created this door display to take a stand against drugs!  Our class theme was "Be a hero, save your life!" They created this 3D super girl standing outside our door and really got into it, staying after school and working hard.  Several teacher told me that just glancing down the hall they believed it was an actual student!  We didn't end up winning our contest, but it was fun none the less!

How did your school celebrate Red Ribbon Week this year?

Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Mayhem: Midterm Exams, New Principal, New Semester

If you haven't noticed I have been very quiet this year! It wasn't my intention, but a lot has been happening in my home life and the life of my school.

1. My roommate got married last year and moved out during the break.
2. I decided I wanted to take my students on a field trip and have been planning like crazy.(Coming soon!)
3. We got a new Principal in the middle of the year and everything is changing, but in a good way!
4. Lots of other little things!

I think I've been very tired, but the winter break, plus having a new Principal and seeing how leadership is changing has given me inspiration and energy to get back into the swing of things with my blog.

I am really excited to share with you some of the new projects my students in Art I and Advanced Art are working on here is a sneak peak of Advanced Art!

Working on some sculptures!

How do you handle change at your school? Share in the comments below!

Monday Mayhem: Blog Changes

I've had this page on my blog for so long, but alas the time has come to make room for another art club here at my new school.  I did want to however save this as a remembrance. Thanks to everyone who supported my elementary art club and students!

Here's the story:

This year a 5th grade student approached me and asked this simple question,
"Ms. Alkire are you going to have an art club this year?" 
Honestly I didn't have an answer. My previous attempt at an art club was chaos without structure and I dreaded a repeat year of wishing I could go home early. So my response was this,
"If you write me a letter explaining why we should have an art club, and what we would do I will consider it." 
I though he would forget, but I was so wrong! Come next Monday morning before class this young man delivered the sweetest proposal, how could I not support his desire for creativity beyond the classroom?  So he and about ten of his peers met with me after school one day and we discussed what art club would be like and what we would do.

They are very self sufficient coming up with their own name, the Mini Da Vinci's and also a T-Shirt design which I am working on getting to the press. They create posters for beautifying the school and even did a fundraiser for No Excuses University to raise money for Operation Warm. They have self projects that they are working on, and use a sketchbook to plan and create ideas.  I couldn't have asked for a better group of kids to spend two days a week after school with.  Art club has become one of my favorite times of the week.

Recently the Mini Da Vinci's produced an after school art program called ART AFTER HOURS 2014 click and check out the blog and all the fantastic things they came up with!

These kids are so creative! I am so proud of them!
They have their own website which the update mostly every week that we meet. Check it out here:

Mini Da Vinci's Wordpress

The kids came up with the idea/thumbnail sketch, and I refined it,
sent it to the t-shirt company and this is what we got back!