Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday Think Tank: Famous Artist Sculpture Project

Ten points to those who can guess who this work in progress is!
I've done a project like this before with my 5th graders a few years ago(you can find that HERE), but this time around we took an in depth look at some famous artists and created larger sculptures! I pulled some names of artists that I already had some knowledge about and some that I had heard of, but hadn't really studied myself.  Then we took ourselves down to the library and did some research with the assistance of our awesome Librarian, check him out here: @NetZeroLibrary.

We also discussed the lack of learning tools and toys that children have that are geared toward art and art history. After viewing this new commercial from Barbie and talking about how important it is for children to be allowed to also dream about becoming artists we began working on our sculptures. The process was simple enough, start with some straws and wire for the basic "bone" structure, use newspaper and tape to create the form or "muscles" and most if not all of one of my classes decided to bring clay for the facial features so they would look more realistic. 

I am so proud of what they have done!

If you guessed Friday were right!

A few of my students are submitting these for iCreate, a district wide campaign and I can't wait to see if they land in the showcase!

What are some different ways you incorporate art history into your curriculum?

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