Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How to Encourage Creativity

Just a week or so ago a friend posted a very good question:

Art friends: what do you recommend for sketching? I want to gift a sketch pad and something to draw with just as an outlet.

Several people, including myself, gave some great suggestions and ideas that helped her make a good decision. It made me so happy to see that someone was taking interest in helping a student with their creativity! Here are my top 3 things you can gift to a student or young person to encourage their creativity!

3. A Set of Watercolor Pencils

A nice set of watercolor pencils can do wonders for any student, they can practice blending with this medium and if you add water with a brush they can also be used as paint. You can even dip the pencil in water to create the paint!

2. Set of Black Micron Pens

These pens are amazing! They are great for illustrating, lettering, drawing and they give great clean lines. They come in several size varieties and if taken care of they can last for years. I use them in lots of different projects through out the year including a graphic novel project.


A durable sketchbook with mixed media pages is perfect for any budding artist!  I prefer Canson XL Mix Media Sketchbooks. They have heavy covers, thick pages and you can use a large variety of mediums including paint, oil pastel, chalk, charcoal, watercolor, pen, sharpie...you name it!

If you are feeling generous you can help my students out by donating to the gofundme below! I am raising money to purchase a sketchbook for every student in my 2016-2017 classes. Any support you can give would be welcome, just donating $7.50 puts a sketchbook in the hands of an artist for the entire year or longer! You can see some of the ways we use sketchbooks here, here and here.

Is there a tool that you would suggest for a student? Or perhaps suggestions for someone looking to encourage creativity in a aspiring artists life? Share below!

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