Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Mayhem: Cyanotype Sun Prints

Last week, was a busy week! Our new semester has begun, and we had a lot of things to do including reorganizing portfolios and getting new students ready for a new class. We had to rearrange a few things and so our days seemed a little choppy.  The art show is coming soon and to take a break from our normal days I threw in this nice one day experiement so that we could use these Nature Print Papers that I ordered using one of my smARTteacher gift cards to Blick last year. Now typically we would have gone outside and used things found in nature to print on, but however due to time and the fact that we're pretty much surrounded by concrete at the back of the school, we used some stencils I had in a box for fun.  I've still got some paper left so maybe another time I'll have students bring items from home.  Not only was it windy, but it was fairly cold so I'm glad that exposure time for these prints is only 2 minutes! Brrrrr! The process was simple enough it was just hard explaining that if anything moves you can't fix it!

Love the smARTteacher challenges!
Fixing our stencils.

Sun exposure in the cold for 2 minutes, BRRRR!
Developing in water at our tables!
Set aside to dry and then press flat later.
I feel like I don't get to do enough photography related lessons in my classroom. Partly because we don't have the necessary materials, but this is a fun way to bring the idea of photography into the classroom.

How do you incorporate areas of study that you don't have lots of materials for? 

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