Friday, March 25, 2016

Monday Mayhem: Teacher of the Year

This is a dream come true! I am so overwhelmed by all the support that I've received this year at my school and from my district for these 7 years I've been here! This was my third year being nominated and I can't believe it finally happened! Words can't even express how awesome if feels to be recognized in such a way especially since I teach art. I feel so blessed!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Share: Networking and Connecting with Others

I am a big advocate of sharing! It's the most basic way of interacting with others that we learn way back in Kindergarten. I know as I began my teaching career I was always asking for help and I am so thankful that others around me were kind enough to support me. In the same way when another teacher asks to use one of my lessons I am all for it! This example comes from one of my fellow middle school teachers!

It looks great!

What are some lessons you've shared with another teacher?

Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Fun: ArtLoveMagic Artist Workshop

On my birthday I had the wonderful opportunity to take my advanced art classes on a field trip! In our district art typically doesn't have field trips, this is a pilot program in conjunction with ArtLoveMagic to see if we can get more middle schools investing and supporting their visual arts program. My students got to meet with different artists and learn from them by going through a rotation. My hope is that this partnership will continue into next year and instead of only taking 30 students I would want to take all of my students which could be between 100-200. ArtLoveMagic is a non-profit organization so this workshop was completely FREE for my students all we had to do was raise money to pay for our bus transportation.

Art is such an important part of growing up for children, it teaches them how to problem solve and see the world in new ways. The benefits of the arts for children are phenomenal. You can read the article 10 Lessons the Arts Teach by Elliott Eisner here.

Four artists came out and shared their experiences with us: JC Barba a talented illustrator, Ale V. clay specialist, and Luis & Arazeli Torres masters of sculpture! I can't tell you how excited I was to see my students interacting with artists who have made their passion a viable career choice through hard work and dedication.   I am so thankful for communities like ArtLoveMagic that constantly seeks to encourage the young artist.

Want to get involved?

ArtLoveMagic is based in Dallas and is always looking for volunteers and artists to help with events and shows. ArtLoveMagic never takes commission from artists and they are extremely supportive to those just starting out, or those who need a little encouragement to continue onward. In fact because of this connection, I was able to sell a new piece of art I finished recently! Please reach out to them if you're interested in growing as an artist or if you love to volunteer at great events!