Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thursday Think Tank: Why I'm getting Rid of Portfolios Next Year

The last three years in middle school art, my students have had "portfolios."

After every project the artwork would find its way into that portfolio and stay there all year long, then the last week of school those would be sent home.

I've made a bold decision not to do that next year.

Here are my reasons why:

1. The parents have no idea what we are doing in class.

2. It wastes valuable paper resources and its expensive.

3. When collecting artwork for the art show it is time consuming to pull artwork and look through portfolios.

INSTEAD, next  year I will changing things up a bit.

1. I will have a digital portfolio(a suggestion from another art teacher), take photos of every students artwork to keep a record of work completed and also as documentation in case of parent concerns. These can be uploaded to an online portfolio, like Artsonia or something else as long as I have parent permission.

2. Art will be displayed after every completed project.

3. Certain artworks will be pulled from the display, recorded for the Spring Art Show and our yearly district wide showcase called iCreate, "matted" and labeled for the Spring Show and stored.

If I do this all though out the year it will save me a lot of time prepping for the art show and save me the time of trying to have students keep their work organized. I've come to this place in my teaching career where I realize that there are certain expectations that are unreasonable for the specific students that I teach. When I pass out portfolios I typically see them in trash cans all through out the school, but hopefully by passing out individual artworks as soon as they are complete, that will help students appreciate the hard work they've put into their art and seeing the results of that...instead of it staying hidden in a cabinet all year.

I'll let you know how it goes, until then more changes are coming for next year!

What are your thoughts on portfolios in the art studio? How do you instill an appreciation for their art in your students?

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