Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer Slow Down: AP Studio Art Day 1

Before the end of the year I felt like I was becoming complacent...so I made the decision to take some certification courses through the AP Institute to get refreshed and re-energized as a teacher. This week I am in AP Studio Art! Our presenter is Patricia Winnard and if I wanted to list how amazing this woman is I would have to start a new blog! That being said, I've been learning a lot!P

Day One we were given a Design Problem, an assignment that she gives to her students during the summer! WOAH Summer Art HOMEWORK!? YES! The prompt I chose was:

Design Problem #1: Compose a mixed media drawing using the three types of implied line, cross-hatch, doodle, and pointillism showing three different values, and non-objective subject matter. Show strong contrast between the positive and negative space in the composition.

We had to come up with 6 thumbnail sketches, before we could begin working.

This was my first try, I didn't like how rushed I was OR that my lines weren't parallel.

This is apart of my process, thinking about changing it since I didn't like the first.
I did something a little sneaky with mine since I'm not a huge fan of pointillism.
Under a black light you can see my pointillism, also the light changes the value of the whole piece.

This problem solving assignment was very interesting, and I am excited to see how I can stretch myself as an artist and teacher the rest of the week!

What are some ways you rejuvenate yourself during the summer? Do you do any professional development? Tell me below!

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