Saturday, July 1, 2017

Summer Slow Down: AP Studio Art Day 3

This is an image transfer! First you need to make sure that the printed image you use is from a Laser printer. Then you henge the image with a piece of tape so that it doesn't move too much. Take some finger nail polish remover and brush it one in little quarter sized spaces at a time and burnish it until it evaporates. Then lift up the image and then repeat. If you don't lift the image then it will get stuck.

You can transfer to almost any surface, I used tracing paper so that I could layer it. Apparently you can even do this on Bisque ware!

This was my second try, I transferred to the front AND back of the tracing paper.

Layered into my box!

This is the image from when we used photoshop, the printers didn't print in the correct size so I just went with it and did this.

This is what it looks like at the end. "Me in a Box" was a pretty cool assignment, one that I'll definitely use in my classroom next year.

What types of self exploration projects do you do in your class? Share!

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  1. Me in the box is really so cool.I love the way all the pictures have been transferred to canvas from laser printable paper.I want my picture too in this printed form.