Friday, July 14, 2017

Summer Slow Down: The Story of How I got my New Job

While I was in the AP Art History class this summer, the professor got a call from someone asking if there might be anyone who wanted to teach Art History. He gave me the number of an art teacher at the high school and I spoke with her about the position. From there I applied and waited for a phone call.

A few days before I was leaving for Chicago I received a phone call asking to interview on Monday, since I was going to be out of town if we could do the interview over Skype or Google hangout and they agreed.

The night before the interview I was testing everything to make sure it would work. At first my tablet wouldn't let me use Google hangout. I found out that its not really compatible with Google, and so I borrowed my Aunts iPad and I couldn't get the sound to work. Then it did work. Then the day of the interview I received a link and had to download a completely different app and pray that it would work, which it did. The interview was great, like having a conversation which made me feel less nervous. They told me they were interviewing 4 others and would let me know their decision soon.

Later that day I received a call and BAM! New job!

Now I am able to share with all of you that after three years, I've decided to move up to the high school level to yet again challenge myself as an educator! I will be teaching Daring/Painting, Art I and AP Art History in Grapevine-Colleyville ISD at Colleyville Heritage High School. My goal is to help this campus grow their Art History program, and I am nervous, but excited to do my best.

So, I turned in my laptop, key card and room key at Lady Bird Johnson and it was bitter sweet. I am so thankful for all the wonderful teachers I met and all the great opportunities that Irving has given me the last 8 years, I am the teacher I am today because of such a wonderful district.

Some differences that I've noticed already:

1. This school is HUGE. WOAH.

2. Hybrid block schedule means 6 classes per day and more time! WOAH.

3. I'm teaching an AP class. A TESTED ART CLASS. WOAH.

4. I have 3 preps, and I'll be doing VASE this year. WOAH.

5. My room is HUGE and I have computers! WOAH.

That is a lot of WOAH!

It can be scary, but I am excited to begin this next journey in my teaching career I am ready to gain new experiences not only at a different level, but within a new district.

Are you doing something new and exciting next year? Share below!

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